On behalf of the Faculty of Washington State University, the Executive Committee of the Faculty Senate wish to state categorically that the violent and lawless behavior displayed by a small group of rioters in the early hours of Sunday morning is completely unacceptable. Their behavior is clearly not representative of the vast majority of Washington State University students who diligently pursue the university’s goals of academic and personal excellence.
The development of judgment and a sense of social responsibility are important, even essential, components of the personal and intellectual maturity expected of all graduates of our university. Clearly, the students involved in these events failed to display any of those characteristics and their behavior deviated from the expected norm to such a degree that we recommend that they be expelled from the university. Certainly this action must be taken with respect for due process, extenuating circumstances, and protection of individual rights.

But most critically, we believe that strong sanctions are necessary to protect the rights of the student body, the community, and the citizens of the state whose investment in Washington State University as a place of learning has been damaged by this disgraceful behavior.

David Stock

Robert Greenberg
Chair elect

Peter Burke
Vice Chair elect

Thomas Brigham
Executive Secretary