PULLMAN, Wash. — The Marion Ownbey Herbarium at Washington State University has created a World Wide Web site for individuals who wish to identify and learn about the plants they observe on the Palouse. The site is devoted to information on plants of the Pacific Northwest, especially the Palouse and Pullman region.
Information on vegetation and weeds, plant lists with photographs for Kamiak Butte and Moscow Mountain, and an annotated bibliography are available on the site located at .
“More photographs of Palouse plants will be added in upcoming months,” said herbarium director Larry Hufford. “Descriptions and natural history information will be provided for local plants, and information on the lichens of Kamiak Butte will be available in May.”
Currently, the herbarium is preparing a checklist of the vascular plants of southeastern Washington. Portions of this checklist will be available on the herbarium web site this summer.
Teachers are encouraged to contact herbarium staff for information or programming requests, as the program has “broad educational uses,” Hufford said.
The Marion Ownbey Herbarium is devoted to teaching, researching and service needs relevant to the flora of the Pacific Northwest. It serves as a primary source of information about the biology, distribution and identification of plants in this region. It also provides outreach opportunities and services at WSU as well as in the state.
For more information and educational program planning, contact the Ownbey Herbarium at 335-3250 or e-mail wsherb@mail.wsu.edu. Hufford will also answer any questions at 335-2183 or hufford@mail.wsu.edu.