PULLMAN, Wash. — Some employees of Washington State University, estimated at more than 800, will not receive their semimonthly payroll checks today because of a shipping error by the U.S. Postal Service.
Barry Johnston, WSU director of benefit and payroll services, said the university delivered, as usual, some 2,700 payroll checks for employees living in Eastern Washington and Northern Idaho to the Pullman post office Thursday morning to be shipped to Spokane for distribution. This morning, the university was notified that the pre-sorted trays containing the checks were still at the Pullman post office.
Johnston said he has been assured that postal employees are attempting to deliver today approximately 1,900 checks to employees living in and around Pullman.
“However, we think about 800 employees at branch campuses, research stations and other university offices on the east side of the state and some living in North Idaho won’t get their checks before Saturday. Post office authorities told us there was not enough time to correct the error for today’s delivery and deeply regretted the mistake,” he said.
Unaffected are more than 8,000 university employees who have their earnings deposited directly to their banks or those working on west side of the Cascades who receive their paychecks by mail, Johnston explained.