Pullman, Wash.–Washington State University’s production of “Prometheus, The Unrepentant,” an updated version of the famous Greek play, “Prometheus Bound,” is set for Feb. 26-28, and March 5-7 at the university’s R.R. Jones Theatre at Daggy Hall.
The play is based on “one of the defining myths of western civilization–the punishment of Zeus imposed on the Titan god Prometheus for giving fire and knowledge to human mortals,” said director and WSU faculty member William Shephard.
“With renewed interest in classical stories depicted in such films as Disney’s ‘Hercules’ and others, the play is designed to appeal to a broad audience of young and old,” he said.
The director has updated the classic version, but the play will retain some of the original characters and elements. The production includes masks, a chorus of sea gods, and a variety of mythical creatures — most notably, “Io,” a mortal woman turned into a cow by Zeus’ jealous wife, Hera.
The play depicts the immortals of ancient Greece “with all their human characteristics of pride, envy, humor and weakness.” One of the goals of the play is to educate the audience, providing glimpses of the myths and stories that shaped the ancient world and are still present today, Shephard said.
General admission is $8 and discounts for senior citizens, WSU students and youths are available. Graduate students and spouses are admitted without charge, courtesy of the Graduate and Professional Students Association. All seats are reserved, and seating for the disabled is available. For more information, call the Theatre Box Office at 509/335-7236. Tickets will be on sale Monday, Feb. 23, through Saturday, March 7.