PULLMAN, Wash.–Washington State University Police Chief and Director of Public Safety William Mercier says every reasonable precaution is being taken to ensure the safety of the Pullman campus and there is no cause for alarm about the welfare of students.
Mercier says university officials and campus police have received several phone calls over the past few days from students and parents concerned about possible safety issues.
There have been several unrelated incidents in the Pullman community and on campus over the past few weeks that may have caused a sense of anxiety in some people’s minds, he said. But there has been no drastic outbreaks of criminal activity, Mercier added.
“We have instituted a number of programs on campus over the past few years to make it safer. We have a free transit service for women who must travel alone across campus. There are foot patrols and bicycle patrols, an emergency phone service direct to the safety building and a public education program that addresses issues of individual safety.
“Of course, everyone needs to be conscious of their personal safety,” Mercier said. “They should not walk alone at night. They should let someone know where they are going, when they are expected to return, and always keep their doors locked.”
Mercier added people should not be hesitant to call the safety office about concerns. “Feeling safe is basic to a healthy community environment. Our coordinated 911 emergency dispatch system ensures that we can have officers on a scene as quickly as possible if there is a problem, and the campus police officers are available 24 hours a day if individuals have questions regarding procedures.”