PULLMAN, Wash.–Washington State University communication major Liza Case won second place in the national College Television Awards competition sponsored by the Academy of Television Arts and Sciences. Case won the award in the music category for a video titled “What Will Death Be Like.”
Case’s seven and one-half minute video is an interpretation of a song by English pop vocalist Momus. “I like Momus’ music because he is thoughtful and intelligent and brings cinematic, historical and literary content into his songs,” said Case. “In the song I used as my theme, he took examples from art, history and philosophy to express what other artists have thought death is like. But he disagrees with their ideas. He believes it will not be like anything we have ever thought of before.”
The award Case received includes a $1,000 cash prize and a five-day trip in March to Los Angeles, where she will stay at the Century Plaza Hotel while attending a film festival, a series of television workshops and an awards ceremony. “I am very excited and pleased. It was unexpected,” said Case. “I hope to send Momus a copy of the video.”
Case produced the video as a project in her advanced television production class. Her instructor, Marvin Marcelo, observed, “Many students here at WSU have a lot of creative talent and whenever they show it to the outside world they are recognized. The content of their stories are very compelling.”
Case is a 1990 graduate of Lynnwood High School in Lynnwood. She is a student in the Edward R. Murrow School of Communication with an emphasis in broadcasting and is employed at KWSU Radio as a broadcast technician. She has been involved in WSU’s student television station, Cable 8, where she served as vice president and president, as well as director and feature producer.