PULLMAN, Wash.–Washington State University has reached a settlement in a discrimination and retaliation lawsuit filed by Cynthia Christie, officials announced Wednesday.
WSU has recognized that there were problems within the College of Education where Ms. Christie formerly worked and has proceeded with an earnest desire to rectify those problems, said Lori Lamb, assistant attorney general.
The university is very pleased with the settlement and is looking forward to having Ms. Christie back as a member of the faculty, Lamb said.
In her lawsuit, Christie claimed that she was discriminated against based on her gender with respect to salary and workload issues and that she was terminated in 1995 in retaliation for opposing discriminatory practices. She taught first aid and health education.
Lamb said the lawsuit arose from similar circumstances in the College of Education that led to three other lawsuits by women faculty. All three of those lawsuits were resolved previously to the mutual satisfaction of the university and the plaintiffs. The university hopes that with all of these lawsuits now resolved, all parties will be able to move forward in a manner that benefits the parties as well as the entire university community, she said.
The Christie settlement provides for an immediate lump sum payment of $130,000; future payments of $238,000, which will be funded through the purchase of a prepaid annuity; and an offer of re-employment. The university hopes that Ms. Christie will accept the offer and return to the faculty in the fall of 1998, Lamb said.