PULLMAN, Wash.–Fifty architectural educators belonging to the Associated Collegiate Schools of Architecture will explore the landscapes of rural Pullman and the Hell’s Canyon wilderness — as well as the diminishing sense of place in a globalized society — at the ASCE western region conference Oct. 3-7.
“Architecture and the New Geographies of Power” will examine the issues of virtual environments, home practices, distance educational delivery and other homogenizing cultural influences of the Information Age as they affect the profession. Meanwhile the participants will immerse themselves in the university town and a wilderness retreat on the Snake River via jet boat.
Keynote speaker is Nan Ellin from the University of Cincinnati, who will speak about post-modern urbanism and the global city. Her talk is at 8 p.m. Friday, Oct. 3 in the CUB Junior Ballroom on the WSU campus.
WSU architecture professors who will present papers are Ayad Ramani, Paul Hirzel, Anna Mutin, Catherine Keane, Don Mirkovitch, John Abell and David Wang.
For more details, contact conference planner Rafi Samizay, director of the School of Architecture, 335-5539.