PULLMAN, Wash.–With the eye of commercial building contractors, Washington State University Professor Bill Mincks and his colleague Professor Hal Johnston from California Polytechnic State University have written the definitive handbook of job-site management.
“Construction Jobsite Management,” recently published by Delmar Publishers, will not only be used in college classrooms, but by industry practitioners wanting to put together the most efficient building team and services. From sample forms and schedules to understanding relationships and procedures, the text is ready for application.
The book reflects the careers of its two authors, both of whom graduated in the early ’70s from WSU and took up contracting in the example of their fathers. In fact, the book’s dedication is to their fathers: “Ralph Mincks and Harold ‘Bud’ Johnston, who taught us that construction is a respectable profession.”
“My dad and I were in the contracting business in Spokane together for 12 years, and Hal’s dad was a construction coordinator for the Corps of Engineers,” said Mincks, who now coordinates WSU’s Construction Management degree program in Pullman and Spokane. The fathers left strong imprints in the realm of safety, quality, labor practices, and cost-consciousness. The authors contributed modern computer and software applications, current code compliances, labor law and industry standards, among other concepts in the book.
The pair met not at WSU, but at later professional conferences, and began co-authoring research papers in 1991 about construction waste management. This will be the topic of Mincks’ next book as landfilling becomes more costly.
The $55.95 book on jobsite management is available by online order from Delmar Publishing, http:www.delmar.com, or phone 1-800/865-5840.