PULLMAN, Wash.–Washington State University’s College of Veterinary Medicine confers 63 new Doctor of Veterinary Medicine degrees at 1:30 p.m. Saturday, May 10, in Compton Union Building on the Pullman campus.
“Graduation day is always a source of great pride for the faculty and staff of the WSU veterinary college,” said Dean Borje Gustafsson. “New graduates, our newest colleagues, are filled with the excitement and enthusiasm of new knowledge and a bright future. At the same time, they feel a great sense of relief that this part of their training is over, and that they can move on to accomplish their personal and professional goals.”
Of the 63 new WSU graduates, 41 are from Washington and 22 are from states that do not have programs in veterinary medicine. Forty-two women and 21 men have made it through the tough, four-year professional curriculum this year. Most will go on to private practice. But some veterinarians choose to do biomedical research or laboratory animal medicine, gain specialty training or serve in government or the military. Others enter corporate veterinary practice, provide service internationally, become involved in regulatory veterinary medicine, teach, or work in zoos, aquaculture, wildlife, food safety, marine mammal medicine, or sports medicine for animal athletes.
“A veterinary education provides an extraordinary opportunity for those interested in medicine and science to pursue a tremendous breadth of professional service,” said Gustafsson. “This is a direct result of the far-reaching role veterinary medicine plays in societies worldwide.”
Demand for veterinary education remains high nationwide. Currently WSU, the lead institution in the Washington-Oregon-Idaho Regional Program in Veterinary Medical Education, must turn down almost 16 applicants for every one it accepts. Recent surges in applications have been due in part to installation of a nationwide computerized application process that allows students to efficiently apply to numerous veterinary colleges simultaneously.
There are only 27 veterinary colleges in the nation. WSU is the fifth oldest veterinary college in the country and will celebrate its centennial in 1999.